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Examinations are necessary for providing an assessment of the knowledge gained by the student. Every student is naturally interested in knowing for himself, the extent of mastery he has gained over the subject of study. The teacher is interested in knowing the result of his teaching and how effective he was. The principal and the management of the educational institution are interested in assessing the work of the teachers. The Government which may be providing the grants would like to know how effectively the money was utilized. The evaluation of the students by means of appropriate quizzes, assignments, tests and terminal examination provides the necessary inputs to the Government, the management, the teacher and the student. Thus, the examination or evaluation is not only for the student but also for all those connected with education.

In the present system of education, the student moves to another standard, class or institution when he completes a year of study. Therefore the evaluation of the student provides the necessary information, the strengths and weaknesses of the individual to the teacher of the class to which the student moves. This would mean that apart from providing a progress report of the performance of a student to the parents and the student himself, a continuous record has to be maintained about the student’s performance in curricular and extracurricular activities and made available to the institution and the teacher who will be receiving the student into their fold. At the nursery level there should be only oral examination. At the primary school starting with oral tests, slowly written tests may be introduced. As the student progresses to higher standards, the tests may become more complex. At the 10th public examination, there has to be practical tests also.

Teacher Education and In Service Training Programme:
At present in Tamilnadu, there are quite a number of untrained teachers working generally in the unaided schools. All these untrained teachers must be given an opportunity to get trained. They must given priority in admission and they must also be given leave of absence for the period of study. The curriculum of the teacher training programmes requires updating to provide for the present needs of the schools. The number of seats in the training programmes for nursery school teachers must be substantially increased to provide sufficient seats to meet the present needs. All teachers must be given appropriate in service training at least once in three years. The services of the senior teachers may also be used as resource persons. In order to ensure that the class work does not suffer during the time the teachers go for training, there must be at least a sanction of 10 percent of posts towards training vacancy.

Inspection of Schools:
The Inspecting officers in the department of school education do not find time to properly inspect the schools in their jurisdiction mainly because they are overburdened with administrative work. There is an urgent need to have two officers in place of one in each education district. For every 30 schools there must be an inspection officer and an administrative officer. The inspecting officer must dote sufficient time in each school depending upon its size. After the completion of the inspection the officer must send a copy of his report to the school and get its replies to the comments. There must be training for the inspecting officers regarding the curriculum and administration. There must be wide publicity regarding the best practices through a monthly or quarterly news letter.


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