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Manual and Code for the Education Department:
At present there is no manual as well as financial and accounts code for the department of school education. It is time the department prepares a manual which will contain all the important Government orders, procedures, powers and duties of the officers and other employees of the department. Important circulars of the department should also find a place in the manual and code. The Government should also take steps to prepare a comprehensive law for school education and get the law passed by the legislature.

Administrative Reforms:
At present there are two committees working in the villages known as village education committee, one established under the SSA scheme and another under Panchayat Act. There is an urgent need to merge these two and have only one village education committee which will have to function under the school education department. There is provision under the Panhayat Act for constituting a Panchayat union education committee. This committee must be constituted in every union and made to function effectively. Such committees must be in a position to effectively supervise the working of the schools in their jurisdiction and take also all much needed policy decisions.

Similarly, District level education committees should also be constituted as per law so that these will be able to coordinate the education activities at the district level The number of schools and students has grown and is likely to grow for some more time. There is therefore an urgent need to strengthen the administrativeve set up of the department. A separate wing should be set up to collect statistical data on the state of school education in the State

Concluding Remarks:
A good society will do everything in its command to impart education to all its members, as education brings with it prosperity and the prosperity of the society depends on the prosperity of every one of its members. Education for all is meaningful only if quality education is made accessible to all i.e., all schools will be of good quality and will be available within a reasonable distance of the residence of every one of the children. Quality implies relevance and appropriateness to the individual. Therefore, the educational programme must be relevant and allow study at a suitable time and pace. Towards achieving this, the school timing will be staggered and holidays will also depend upon local practices. Uniformity will be aimed not in content or hours of study but in quality. Thus, education for all encompasses the concepts of neighbourhood schools and common school system.

Quality of a school would depend upon not only the syllabi and textbooks but also depend upon every aspect of education including method of teaching, teacher competency, and number of teachers, infrastructural facilities and evaluation procedures. In order to maintain quality every one of these components will have to be of the required standards. To achieve good education for all, each school will have to be assessed individually and its standards raised to the desired level. Excellence is the goal. Uniformly high quality will be achieved by providing necessary grants as well as opportunities to innovate and experiment by the individual school. The education system will be allowed to function autonomously in order to attain the desired standards. Let us hope and pray that the people of this country desire for good quality education for all and make it a reality.



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