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The Hindu haters should read "Azhukkaranai" chapter of Tirukkural:
"Azhukkaramai" means the psyche of without jealousy, envy or covetousness. The Christians, Mohammedans, Tamil atheist groups and Hindu-haters should read and understand before talking nonsense about Hindus. He questioned the duplicity of the Dravidian-Tamil politician about the hypocritical approach towards Tiruvalluvar He challenged the politicians that they should recite Tirukkural before the public, before contesting elections.

Tirukkural should be written in the hearts of the Tamil people: 
As he has been preaching and teaching Tirukkural, he exposed the hypocrisy of the Tamil politicians. He pointed out that it is not enough, if Tirukkural is written on the buses or commentaries given by CMs and VCs, but they should be written in the hearts of the Tamil people.

Can Hindus send books urging Mullahs and bishops to "change their minds"? He also pointed out the audacity of a Christian, who sent him books on Christianity and appealed him to "change his mind" to accept Christ. He sent a suitably reply and challenged him to come for a public debate at Palayankotai itself, bringing his Christian heads, but there was no reply from him. While mentioning this, he also pointed out as to how a "Hindu journal" did not publish his letter! Retorting, he asked whether any Hindu had guts to send books to Bishop, Imam. Mullah etc., and urged them to "change their minds"?

He urged that one conference should be conducted, taking this meeting as a starting point, to refute such misinterpretations.

VEDAPRAKASH 07-12-2008

14/12/2008 03:34:47

Christianity's efforts to annihilate other religions Here is yet another historical record of christianity's attempt to annihilate other faiths. The christian approach, unlike that of the muslim which relies on direct frontal attack, is one of cunningness, manipulation, deceit, coercion, and pressure-tactics. The below accounts trace the incidences of christian abuse of Buddhists in South Korea, which was once a Buddhist land but became a christian land within less than 50 years.

One can immediately see that many of the tactics used by christian missionaries in South Korea to crush Buddhism are also used by the missionaries in India to crush Hinduism.

Buddhism under Siege 1982-1996: 
A Chronology of Fifteen Years of Incidents Against Buddhism in South Korea

The following is an incomplete listing of defamations, acts of vandalism and arson attacks against Buddhist temples and facilities in South Korea which have occurred since 1982 and which have earned the attention of the news media and the dismay of the Buddhist population in the country.

Buddhism under Siege 1982-1996 : 
Fifteen Years of Incidents Against Buddhism in South Korea including at least twenty temples or Buddhist shrines seriously damaged or totally destroyed by arson since 1986....

(remainder of the article at: http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/2.html ) Vaisakhan

13/12/2008 01:25:24 Debate with Christians & Muslims It is time hindu leaders engage in debates with Christian and Muslim leaders to expose the hollowness of Christianity and Islam and to portray the useful philosophy of Sanatana Dharma. In his website, Dr. Ali Sina, an apostate from Iran, has challenged all Islamic scholars to prove him wrong, if they can. He wrote with proof from Islamic sources such as Quran, Hadith and Sunna, that Prophet Mohammed was a lier, pedophile, murderer, megalomaniac, narcisist, misogenic and what not. But no mullah could beat him in debates. Likewise, hindu acharyas, sanyasis and netas should engage in debates in public and in writing with Christians and Muslims to expose their hipocrasy. This is the only way to save hindus from jihadis and missionaries in Bharat. Balaji

12/12/2008 23:11:16 Of course.. True, these Missionaries and Periyarists are trying to brainwash the Tamils and convert them. They allege Tamil is older than Sanskrit, even after finding archaeological and literary evidences that Tamil culture is not older than 700 or 800 BC, whereas the true date of Rig Veda extends more than 5000 BC. I suggest the work of one more archaeologist Michel Danino of ASI in his paper "Vedic roots of early Tamil Culture". I am giving the link below:- http://micheldanino.voiceofdharma.com/tamilculture.html ... Please visit it, and understand. Not only the Tirukkural, but all Silappadikaram, Akanaanuru, Puranaanuru, Ettutokai all speak of Hinduism and its Gods. Furthermore, there is enough archaeological evidence to show the default religion of Tamils is Vedic. Please do something, if not evrything would be destroyed.. Please, for heaven sake!!!

Muthu 09/12/2008 00:01:38 Very good It is very true that Tamils have forgotten their ancient culture in TN. I was suprised to see , true Tamil culture being propounded in Mauritius , Singapore , Malayasia and other countries.


See, Thirukural . better than the Palyam kottai goons version.



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